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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Donate food with Ocado’?

We’ve been working with food banks for several years and, recently, our customers have been asking how they can make donations with their shopping. After working out the details with our food bank partners, we’re proud to offer our customers an easy way to donate to those in need. Here’s how it works:

1. Choose how much you’d like to donate: ?2.50, ?5, or ?10.
2. Add your donation to your trolley, do your weekly shop and check out as usual.
3. We’ll match the value of the donation, and give groceries worth the total amount to our food bank partners.

What happens to my donation?

We convert your money to groceries, more than match it, then give the total amount of groceries to food banks. So, for every pound you give, our food bank partners receive two pounds’ worth of groceries.
We do this because our partners prefer working this way: they don’t have to spend time shopping for food, and they get the groceries they need, when they need them.

What kind of products go to the food banks?

There’s always a preference for fresh produce ? including fruit and veg, milk, cheese, and meats ? but our food bank partners have also asked for canned fish and vegetables, and staples such as breakfast cereals.
When you donate with Ocado, the food banks don’t just receive boundless baked beans or piles of potatoes. Instead we work together to make sure they get what they need, when they need it.

Why is it a donation of money, why can’t I choose the food I donate?

Donating with Ocado is a little different to traditional donations, where each customer gives a single product. Instead we ask the food banks what they need, and they supply us with their requirements ? a ‘shopping list’, if you will.
Our customers’ donations, which are converted to groceries and matched by us, account for products on this shopping list.
If we passed on our customers’ money directly, the food banks would have to shop for food using that money. Instead they save time because they receive the food directly.
Our partners have told us that it’s extremely helpful for them to be able to have a say in what we give them, which is why we’ve set up this system.

How will this be reported?

We will report all customer donations and the partnership with the food bank in line with our other Corporate Responsibility reporting. This includes the Annual Report, corporate website, and customer communications such as ocadolife magazine.

Why do I sometimes see previous donations in the ‘Have you run out of?’ section in the checkout?

We wanted to make donating food with Ocado as easy as possible, so it’s featured on our website as a product. This means it’s quick and easy to add to your regular order, but it also means our system will sometimes remind you about previous donations.
Of course there’s absolutely no obligation to donate again, just think of it as a little ‘thank you’ from us, and the people your donation has helped.

Terms & Conditions

The cost of purchase will not contribute towards the minimum spend of your order. Financial donations will be converted into groceries, and Ocado reserve the right to allocate at our discretion. Food bank partners are all registered charities and donations made at our discretion.

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